2024/06/17th – Australia Mandates ‘Food Rations’

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1a – Australia Mandates ‘Food Rations’ Prepare for Bird Flu Pandemic


1b – The Australian GMO case on injections.


2a – They put these toxins in food decades ago

2b – Fake Vitamins – how to tell


2c – Brain death is not death – it is a hoax to steal someone’s organs – Dr. Paul Byrne.

The header says it all.   They take your organs while you are still alive. Gory Watch if you want  


3a – Shipping line bans all electric vehicles 

3b – 5G tower

4 – David Bowie “Black Noise”...music has been weaponized 

Frequencies that can kill,,,,, maybe far back as in the 70’s….. Shirley Bassey shattered my windows twice in one of her songs played loud.

5 – Amazing transport machinery 

I wonder if it can locate trafficked children onboard ?


6a – Albanian PM names them

6b – The White Rabbit – tips to avoid the surveillance State


7a – How Common Law Assemblies work


7b – Australian foreign minister says – Israeli Lobby controls Australia


8a – Native Title huge grab in Qld

8b – Andrews Govt thugs intimidated the people

9a – Super fake global warming cult lies


9b – Nationals will end massive windfarm project

and the Coalition have committed to shutting down the development of a contentious offshore wind farm off the south coast of New South Wales.

10a – Trump’s Bible – the story behind it

10b – Executed Kazarians + Illuminati

We have seen this before – Who knows what is true ?  

11 – What did Hillary really say – a few years ago

As an elite she would be in a position to know this – Deniers have blamed the CIA for creating the FE as a psyop – well, the maps have been around for centuries before the CIA


12 – The Brics Countries Have Actually Imposed Embargoes On The United States Of America And Israel

Hi guys, I’m here in Dubai now.  Something huge happened: the Brics countries that Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates,  have actually imposed embargoes on the United States of America and Israel. Significant embargoes that literally change the entire landscape because the United States has always demonstrated its power because it controls the Federal Reserve for so long. They simply stopped trading with certain countries and it crippled them in history. 

Well, the power of dollars is gone. It has evaporated and the power of the Brics, well,  they have taken control and now what are they doing? They are literally pushing. This has never happened before in history. America and Israel are literally being put to the  sword by the Brics countries and if you’re not awake now, you never will be. The deep state is being destroyed by the BRICS countries, 1 brick at a timeCharlie Ward

13 – This is where your food comes from into shops

The greenie NWO wants to stop all this and force us to eat bugs. Agriculture provides 40% of employment world wide


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