2024/06/19th – The cost of living

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1a – The cost of living

1b – Max Chandler Federal MP for Griffith  Sep 23

2a – They won’t debate me – Mike Yeadon – Crimes against humanity

2b – The White Rabbit – We haven’t just lived thru a pandemic play @ 1.5 speed


2c – H5N1 Bird Flu: New Pandemic Gets New mRNA Vaccine w/ Dr. Kelly Victory & Brian Hooker – Ask Dr. Drew


3a – McDonald’s chips Poisons in 11 ingredients

3b – Australia would have been ok – play @ 1.5 speed


4a – Vetoed Snowy Hydro and New Clear power

4b – Labor’s legacy of wind turbines exploding, collapsing, utterly devastates the landscape


4c – Council Tax debts have now become unenforceable by Bailiffs

In UK – how about here ? hmmm


5a – 3 Israeli Puppets Finally EXPOSED


5b – ‘We found out who the puppet master is’: ‘Confused’ Joe Biden led off stage by Obama (they both are supposed to be executed ?) play @1.25 ok

6a – Is the Supreme Court going to overturn the 2020 election, probably tomorrow ? see item 9 too

6b – Scare Event, Coming Up ?

Just a commentary on a possible scenario. Who knows what may happen? People will most certainly be waking up soon en-masse. How they awaken is debatable. Only the Truth can shake them awake. A good movie needs a good ending. In the end – God Wins!

6c – Japanese Yen on the Brink of Collapse:

5th Largest Bank to Liquidate $63 Billion in Catastrophic Losses. Norinchukin Bank’s Crisis Signals Fiat Currency System Disaster for Financial Systems Worldwide



6d – Japan discovers 7,000 islands

7 – 5G Phones scam  

8 – Barbara O’Neill – cholesterol

9 – Payout for Tier Groups involved in the RV:

Not sure where this originated from, based on what I have been told, this is accurate – Holly….

The Dubai Accounts Funds the RV:  Dubai 1 funds Tiers 1 & 2 of the RV and Dubai 2 funds Tiers 3 & 4 of the RV,  while Dubai 3 funds the Adjudicated Accounts and GESARA. The payout of the Bonds and Currency is done in order of the different tiers.  There are five Tiers that will be exchanging: Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 &5.Liquidity Release is done in a certain order. The Elders, German Bonds and select Yellow Dragon Bonds must be paid first and have been.

A. Dubai 1 released for liquidity which then triggers Dubai 2&3.

B. F&P’s are released to recipients (they need D1 liquid, this is their hold up)

C. Bonds will be liquid (they need D1 to be liquid)

D. Tiers 1-4b are notified. (they need D1 to be liquid) It appears all is set to go on or about the same time!

Tier 1  Sovereign Nation Debt of Governments:  Chinese Royals, Bond Holders, Paymasters, Church Groups, CMKX, F&P, Adjudicated Settlements,  Ranch and Farm Claims and other groups.

Tier 2  Royals, Elders, Whales, Military Generals and some political type Elites with platforms of currency, corporations, etc.

Tier 3  Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups like the Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-day Saints. The Pentecostal group was now 100% under an NDA.

Tier 3  Was all Dubai 2 Trust Money and originally was the Generals and public.  Now Tier 3 includes groups with projects including the Admiral. The Admiral was sent to the back of the line and renamed Tier 4A (really just a pie slice of tier 3).  The Admiral’s Group was composed of three parts – most notable of which was Tier4a Core groups  and 130 VIP groups.

Tier 4B,  (us, the Internet Group) is the largest group and composed of the general public who paid attention  to the intel – the people who have bought currency and/or bonds and kept up with the reset by way of information on the Internet.

Tier 5 The general public who never paid attention to the Intel. The official GO for Tier 4b has not been released yet. It can happen any moment.  As all Tier1-4b are funded, we await the final release to reach to our level. It’s a process. It’s tedious and time consuming – making adjustments as needed along the way for accuracy and safety of all involved. It’s a very quiet & discrete operation, where the general public is left uninformed for obvious reasons. Pay attention to the levels that are ahead of us. That will help give a better understanding of where we are, in relation to it reaching the 4b level. BUT, it is unfolding. And when it reaches our levels, there will be no doubts.  It’s coming! Keep the faith.

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