2024/07/11th  – Nasal swabs and face masks

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In an attempt to have a night off hoping people would take the time to see the important items on last post – https://larryhannigan.com.au/2024-07-10th-big-changes-coming – these few items came in today.

The media fear mongering about a new “covid” is underway and already idiots are wearing masks, mostly older women I notice. Please forward these first 2 Items and be sure to print out Item 3. Put them everywhere, under windscreen wipers in car parks is a good idea.

1 – Face masks


2 – Up-your-nose Swabs 


3 – Print and distribute please ↓ ↓

4a – Tucker Carlson “destroys” The Aust Govt


4b – Australians are waking up

How to end a deficit budget in any country – pass a law that says any time there’s a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Parliament are ineligible for re-election.

4c – Weather forecast – not seen anywhere else ??


5a – Biden says he can draw a crowd ?

5b – Trump wins every swing State – 2024 Prediction


5c – Trump in Florida

6a – Ex- CIA spells it out

6b – Najadi – believe or not

7 – The White Rabbit – Australia Conspiracy of silence

listen carefully @ 8 mins


8 – 1962 World’s Fair – Seattle


9a – BRICS – just scored a knockout blow to U$


9b – Wolverine 11th July

10a – The Dragons Are Here – Jonathan Cahn


10b – If you did not see 11 yesterday – see it now

10c – Why the Book of Enoch matters  

10d – Enoch in the New Testament

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