2024/06/14th – “You know who” will die within 3 – 5 years

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1 – All covid flu vaxxed will die in 3 – 5 years says scientist

2a – Professor Francis Boyle has written an affidavit to court – mRNA are bioweapons

2b – Dr David Martin – the facts behind covid, the kill weapon

2c – Mike Yeadon says – FDA Is a Front

Former CEO of Pfizer

There are no technicians in the buildings, No equipment and No sample testing occurs. “It looks like deception may have been going on a very long time before “covid vaccines” were a thing…”

3a – Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Of Australia Admits He stopped taking Covid vaccines

He was pushing it 2 years ago….. Trial then hanging, how many people has he injured

3b – How the elite were jabbed

3c – Labor commits to WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and making it binding upon Australia

I thought that it failed ? well Labor and lefties have no respect for anyone

3d – Andrews and Islam

4a – Douglas Macgregor Reveals Russia Just Sent dangerous Signal, EU Panic, Americans Are Afraid


4b – USA electoral map – 14th June

4c – The Sum of All Fears is Here – Steve Quayle and Mike Adams on the nuclear annihilation of the West

The first few minutes says it all – let’s hope this is the THREAT we were told would need to happen. The Cabal are trying to hide the $$ collapse


5a – Kerry Cassidy – CABAL⚡️

⚡️Arrest Her Immediately ⚡️

Kerry Cassidy committed violation under 18 USC 2381 and 50 USC 3059 favoring our enemies of our ongoing Décence War  eliminating the Cabal. I call on our US Military Justice to take immediate action without one minute delay, children might be in harms way of this satanic creature Cassidy. This is an order for her immediate  arrest and detention interrogation. She has identified herself as an enemy. This is an order during wartime current and ongoing 50 USC 1550. Sincerely, President John F. Kennedy ´Q’ United States Republic

5b – He got what was due

6 – The White Rabbit – Ransom ?


7 – British farmers coerced to stop growing food

8 – 2 laws that changed the world


9 – Benefits of Earthing

10a – Will real Christians go through Tribulation ?

10b – The God I worship

10c – End time events to prepare for

We may or may not be in End Times – No one knows the day or the hour – Either way it is better to know and prepare

11 – Posted by Wolverine 14/6/2024

I was told about 3 weeks ago that Bruce was told off by the military for sharing something that he said and he was told to slow down on sharing all that he hears.  Now  looking back over all his Intel segments since I was told this I can definitely see that he has been pulled into line which is a great sign in itself


• The Central Bank of Brazil confirmed that it has already started.  The Brazilian people did not see this, it is a process.

• Tier4B notifications have arrived for Wells Fargo, we are not sure if they are for their banking customers or not. Some people will receive notifications and payment forms, but will not receive notifications due to the NDA.

• The latest news is in Mexico and the Gesara Nesara Event. The news closes at night and resources will be announced.

• Notifications for all others must be made on Sunday or Monday. I know Monday will be D-Day, but I hope it’s Sunday night.

• Please check our emails and notifications.

• Antonia Diógenes, one of the gurus of the Spanish/Latin group, a highly respected guru, says that notifications for the Tier4B Internet group have been published.

• Brazil and Colombia will be the first to liquidate holders in the next few hours.

• There is!! The greater the wealth transfer, the more it begins. There will be the Trumpets of Liberty and then the Opera!

• Sun. June 9, 2024: A lady in California has a friend who is a whale. The man has more than 100 thousand invested in historical securities. He hired several partners and lawyers. Treasury notifications to finalize procedures to receive liquidity… this is the fourth quarter. June 18. Bond Banker..


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