2024/06/13th – Russia Halts All Trading in US Dollars and Euros  

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1 – Dog knows good and evil  

2a – Russia’s Moscow Stock Exchange Halts All Trading in US $$ and European €

2b – The country has to see what’s going on


2c – The TRUTH about chemtrails from pilots. 800,000 indictments to be served.  Very good

Have your camera at the ready  & We wonder why the fly overs ceased last week! ok @ 1.25


3a – Investors are pulling out of New York City

3b – The deep state is real  

3c – Red October Coming Along Nicely

4 – The Hunt is ongoing

Just a recap a couple of years ago and even earlier when Putin was calling the Bush’s Biden’s Clinton’s Obama’s Satanist’s

5a – Two cops charged with assaulting 92-year-old man with ‘likely dementia‘ in Sydney


5b – I will not comply to the Jab

6a – Testing store bought products.


6b – Harvard Psychiatrist reveals – Foods you must stop eating to heal your brain

6c – Australia”s hottest Burger

Oh, and then there’s also the actual scorpion. That’s right, Burger Urge serves its new “Scorpion Death Wish” burger with an Asian rainforest scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) on top. [This is the nit that gets me – but try importing Hydroxychloroquine -OR- Ivermectin  ] It had to obtain permission from the federal government to import the arachnid.

6d – Tooth poison 

7a – This might save your marriage

7b – How to avoid a miserable life – agree or not

8 – The moon is a reflection of our plane and beyond

See more if you have an open mind especially items 4a and 4b

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