2024/06/21st – They were warned

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1a – They were warned 

1b – History of evil vax sins in less than 60 secs

2 – Douglas Macgregor: Iran & Turkey join Russia, North Korea sent Nuclear Bombs after Meeting Putin play @ 1025

3a – After FDA Approval, States Move to Ban Lab-Grown Meat From Sale


3b – 240,000 chickens killed at Hawkesbury farm


4a -* What actually happened when Obama walked with Biden off stage at fundraiser: If you really care


4b – Did you know this about Obama ?

4c – Celebrities still alive – (gone?)

5a – JFK Snr – the architect of Q

5b – The Hero’s Journey. 

A tried and tested movie story structure.  This structure fits perfectly into President Donald Trump’s ongoing story.  If you’re unfamiliar with this story structure, a simple internet search will clarify.  Are we about to move into the final act of this movie? This movie has to end soon.

6 – How will BRICS payment work in retail ?

I am told that this is just the proposed BRICS system which many people will not like ? You will be forced to use a QR code bla bla. Your phone can be lost or stolen – WHEREAS – The QFS will use a card with your thumb print as your log in to draw out real gold backed cash


7 – 2 mins to relax


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