2024/06/22nd – Bad news first – then some good

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1a – George Orwell, 1984: The Party told you to…

reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, command.”

1b – Planned famines

These 13 countries just signed an agreement to engineer a global FAMINE by destroying food supply  The United States and 12 countries including Australia have all signed on to an agreement that in practice will destroy agriculture worldwide while ushering in global famine and starvation: THE SENDER OF THIS ARTICLE PROVIDED NO DOC EVIDENCE, BUT IT DOES SEEM PROBABY TRUE

1c – Albo promises for July 1st  can’t wait… eh ?

2 – Rothschild purchased Israel exposed – Balfour Declaration

3a – More 15 min cities planned ?

3b – Re-education camps being constructed


3c – Dr. David Martin Interview —  Cabal U.S. Gov. Is coordinating a depopulation program against the world 


4a – Dealership installed this on my car without my permission! Toyota GR Corolla

4b – Water fuelled car – LA to NY on 22 gallons

5 – Who Is the Anti-Christ ? … More nonsense – he’s too old

Right at end Kate Middleton is a Rothschild…she is not dead and the antichrist is Charles. Maybe that’s why Alex collier said it will be all over once Charles is charged or dead. WATCH IF YE WANT

6a – NASA lies about outer space

6b – More lies from scientists

6c – Global warming hoax

7 – And you still use a smartass phone ?

GOOD NEWS from here to 10c

8a – Biden’s Death Certificate Confirmed

The recent bombshell revealing the death certificate for Joseph Biden, dated back to 2018  at Guantanamo Bay is a spit in the face to every American who believes in the sanctity of democracy.  This is a clear and present danger to our system of governance, a blatant mockery of our electoral processes, and an unforgivable breach of trust. We’ve been deceived, with our beliefs in a fair electoral system completely undermined by those  who wield power like a dictator wields fear. They’ve orchestrated what amounts to a coup under the guise of democratic procedure.



8b – Trump Vows To Release ALL JFK Files and

Reveals CIA Stopped Him From Declassifying the TRUTH


8c – Ben Carson: Message to Christians who are uneasy about Donald Trump


8d – The Best Is Yet To Come

9 – RV info & BRICS progress

The trade agreement between Russia and Vietnam means Russia takes Vietnamese Dong in trade, So now Russia holds Dong in there currency reserves. Russia converts the Dong into rubles, then converts the rubles into the “UNIT” Russia makes trade Investments in Vietnam using the “UNIT” (backed by gold) The “UNIT” being backed by gold now replaces the U.S. Dollar as foreign central bank currency reserves in Vietnam. This is called the internationalization of the “UNIT” backed by 40% physical gold, 30% Russian bonds, 30% Chinese bonds, where both Russia and China currencies are backed by gold.

This is de-dollarization  Because of these trade agreements with Russia, I now have reason to believe the “UNIT” is already up and running.  The trade agreements being formed. This is why Kim Jung Un is so giddy! Basically Putin just resurrected the North Korean Won from the dead. And China/Russia are manipulating interest rates in their bond market to drive up the price of gold against the U.S. Dollar. There is NOTHING the World Bank – IMF can do to stop this! Vietnam’s New Move Towards BRICS and a Gold-Backed RV of the VND Vladimir Putin’s State Visit Today and Vietnam’s Anticipated Role in the BRICS Alliance and Gold-backed Currency RV


10a – Soldier’s prayer answered

10b – Song from 1834

10c – Sabbath: The Universal Test – Walter Veith (the best)


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