2024/06/26th – The Hammer is about to drop

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1 – The Hammer is about to drop

The video is from about twelve months ago but still seems to be relevant especially with Assange (JA) now being a free man – All his work can be revealed and many criminals in all areas will be exposed. Do you think this was not a Q plan operation ? JA …

2a – Julian is Special OPs

& Julian Assange caught and foiled the 2016 Clinton, Obama, Biden Treason Coup on Trump Presidency – Criminals Executed. The Apocalypse triggering #STORM

Julian, we ❤️ and thank you and your Wikileaks Team for being part and an essential factor to save our Divine Humanity. You are a Hero and much more. BRAVO  Counter Intelligence Information Gathering is like Oxygen   Sincerely, John JFK & Diana Kennedy :  United States Republic 

2b – D.J. Trump Will Be Reinstated As The Legitimate President Of The USA On Monday 1st July – Judge Thomas Clarence 

will read both sentences where it was established that from the vote count,  Trump won the vote by 80% in 46 out of 50 states. We are close to a change  of an era Praying please God let this be true

3a – Biden at his best – what a world leader

3b – Biden is losing Jew support – so sad eh ?

3c – Biden Replacement Announcement…

I guess this is irrelevant if the above is truly happening


4 – Trump’s VP Pick? remarkable Ben Carson”

Could ne be one out of 6 of Trump’s VP choices.

5 – The History of Q – Pay attention and read it


6a – Climate Change Hoax Destroyed

Polar Bears are thriving and Saudi Arabia Is hothere is a small part of a long video from Alex Jones. Love or hate him this is the truth You can see it all on https://banned.video/watch?id=6678de5c525d7cd70fef83a2

6b – Why green energy keeps failing  


6c – It’s a Fraser Island Land Grab


7 – And you were delayed 10 mins going home ?

8a – Giant Doors

Note the middle right pic – handles are about 10 feet up (for giants?) St Elizabeth’s Church Marburg, Germany. Built in the 12th Century by the Order of the Teutonic Knights.  You would need a ladder if you ever wanted to replace the locks. Doesn’t seem convenient for people of our stature today.

8b – Giants of old – (and not so old)

9a – Giant Ferris Wheel at World’s Fair at St. Louis

9b – World’s Fair at St. Louis – 1904


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