2024/06/25th – Julian Assange freed

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1 – Julian Assange freed after plea deal

Julian Assange leaves jail on his way to enter plea deal with the U.S. The WikiLeaks founder has been held in a British prison for the last five years and fought extradition to the U.S. He is expected to return to Australia.

2 – Bidenica – ask your doctor

3a – Albo 2003 – outraged by GG pay rise

3b – Albo 2024 – 43 % pay rise for incoming GG

3c – Gina Rinehart sings Sweet Child O’Mines

Follow the words

4 – Putin vows to shut down adrenochrome supply chain

5a – There is no threat of Nuclear war

Nuclear debate – Why no mention of Tesla free energy systems –

Been here 20 years


5b – Protect yourself from Govt D.E.W’s & Microwave Weapons


6a – Vaccinated or not

6b – Free Hershey bar or….

7 – The Case of Raw Dairy



8 – Bad Cops committing murder and laughing


9 – Update Reiner Fuellmich


10a – CIA Chief of disguise confirms Face Masks”

This is why Joe Biden needs both a drug test and a DNA test before the CNN Debate with Donald Trump – if it ever happens

10b – Dr Steven Greer’s remarkable work for exposing hidden data

Dennis S writes – I have known of the remarkable work being done by scientist Dr Steven Greer for many years: This is exactly what President Trump and the White Hats have been telling us for some years. It validates them totally. An exciting ride ahead. Med beds (Star Wars type healing ‘beds’) haven’t been mentioned yet – I’m only into 35 minutes of the evidence. Two hours of the interview to go.


11 – If you were to die tonight 

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