2024/06/28th – Who won round one ?

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1a – Preparing for the debate – secret compilation

Below are just 3 Y-tubesThere are heaps of them voicing opinions about the debate – Even Ch 9 News showed some snippets of Biden’s demise and the Democrats being worried about getting a replacement.

1b – Trump watches Biden crumble


1c – Biden’s five biggest fails of the first debate


1d – Donald Trump Gives His Closing Remarks


2a – Replacement for Biden you may not have heard of


2b – The Most Powerful 6 Minutes of Media annihilation by Tucker Carlson


2c – Marjory Taylor Green – ABC: a pathetic joke

3a – Dr Phil – corporation corruption

3b – David Icke 1994

4a – Elon Musk is awake

4b – Follow up to item 8 last night

Cell phones/mobiles have become an institution. But, they are killing humans and wildlife. Personally, I don’t have a smartass phone/mobile. I have a basic Nokia type just for emergency communication. I don’t believe it is remotely sensible to carry all your personal details, bank access etc. I realize that most of you have a smart phone. Get connected with a landline, and then do what Arthur Firstenberg says in this Email.

If you disagree with what Arthur wrote in this, don’t tell me as I’m just the messenger. You may want to read what I had my website developer post in the icon that says Mobile/Cell Phone which is at this link: http://www.truedemocracy.net/phone.htm even if you only read the first two sentences.

5a – Why I don’t pay income tax

A salary or wages is not income – it is payment for labour – In Gen 14 and 28 you are to pay 10% of your INCREASE – only animals and plants give increase – I am sure you can figure it out now ?

5b – The Real Parliament Is Vacant – The ATO is non existent


6a – No Indemnity

6b – Lawyer outlines criminal charges against the medical establishment

6c – Why you must buy an electric car – silly man

7 – China stuns the world with this construction

And not a hint of curvature taken into account by the engineers.  We could do likewise under a proper interest free debt fee money system as we did with the Nullabor railway


8a – Digging Down into a Muddy past


8b – Stonehenge Rebuild 1958


9a – IMF Staff Completes 2024 Article IV Mission to Vietnam”

The IMF recommended that Vietnam implement a new wave of reforms to sustain high economic growth. These reforms include:

* Increasing productivity

* Investing in physical and human capital

* Incentivizing private investment in renewable energy

* Improving the capital markets’ functioning

* Developing a market-based sovereign bond market 

Let’s take a closer look at what a market-based sovereign bond market would look like going forward. Sovereign bonds pay out the face value listed on the bond certificate of the agreed maturity date with periodic interest payments.

The credit rating of these bonds are linked to the government’s financial reliability. However, exchange rate fluctuation can be a source of currency risk. But, in the case of Vietnam, this is why increased exchange rate flexibility in tandem with further modernization of their monetary policy toward inflation targeting would help Vietnam manage external shocks. In other words, Vietnam was encouraged to have a flexible and/or floating exchange rate that is determined by the market forces of supply and demand. 😉 As the demand for a currency increases relative to supply, that currency will appreciate as is expected for Vietnam. © Goldilocks




9b – Wolverine – 28 June

9c – A message from Holly

Hi everyone, I haven’t done a post about the RV in so long because it’s been wash, rinse, repeat forever.. I hear all the chatter that everybody hears but until I know that the codes have been entered all the chatter is the same that it’s always been and it’s no use reporting on that. A friend of mine said you’ve been quiet for so long people have  forgotten about you ha ha.  What can I tell you because I know many are losing hope as this drags on. 

1.  based on Iraq’s progress things are definitely on track to being done. 

2.  based on the global situation, it’s heightened to a level that we are seeing the destruction of the old guard. 

3.  there is so much mis-direction. Mis-‘information at a very fast pace that it’s very confusing. 

4. they will never ever tell us what they are going to do, when they’re going to do it, or how they’re going to do it. 

5. All we can do is sit back and wait for this to happen and live your life until it does. 

6. This is the most important, don’t stop living your life till this happens.

7. It could be later, no one and I mean no one will know when.

8. We are definitely in the end time of all of this.


End of Post

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