2024/06/29th  – Message from Julian Assange.

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1a – Message from Julian Assange.

This is it. The hour is upon us and I am bringing the storm of the century. History in the making. Welcome to the main event, patriots. It’s showtime. A show so big that will leave everyone speechless. They are not ready for it! After 1 WEEK I will lock this channel down to PRIVATE, which means you will only be able to access with provided INVITE LINK. You will not be able to JOIN or VIEW my channel, unless you JOINED before the lockdown. It must be this way so no one can stop me from SPREADING THE TRUTH. This will last until the BLACKOUT.MAJOR VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED – SPREAD THE WORD! Patriots are in control. 20-40 Million Patriots Worldwide. You have 1 WEEK to join this channel. After that I will deactivate invite links. SHARE this channel and only this CHANNEL. I am here on Telegram and nowhere else. No other sites. All of you need to understand that it had to be this way. Soon you will realize the meaning of this. EVERY LIE WILL BE REVEALED. Prepare backups. Archive everything. They will try to shut us down, but they won’t stop us WE WILL PREVAIL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. JOIN PRIVATE LINK 👇


PS : QFS – Nesara/Gesara will be announced publicly

1b – The New Trump Ad Has People Going Crazy


1c – Trump Reacts To Claims That Biden Will Leave Race After Debate—And Makes His Own Prediction

2a – This Albanese video has us in deep strife

When will people wake up that Interest is the sole cause of all inflation ?


2b – UK farmers in big trouble

English weather almost non-stop rain for months. Food shortages.

3a – Exposing the “Great” Australian Government


3b – Which High Court ? Complete


4a – Ex-Men in Black speaks out

4b – Rabbis caught in kidnap and torture plot – not surprised – John 8.44 is clear

5 – Blocking the sun – yeah right

6 – Wood burning stove generates electricity


7 – Barbara and others compilation – health tips

Pray all you want – God does not intervene when people make stupid decisions and ignore His health laws and natural remedies. Hosea 4.6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…. because preachers refuse to be teachers !!

8 – Filmed Plants For 15 years – Time-lapse Compilation

This all evolved out of nothing – right ?


9 – World Fair 1915 San Francisco

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