2024/06/30th  – You don’t own your car  

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1a – You don’t own your car  

1b – They lied to you about car surveillance.


1c – Your car is like a smartass phone that is wide open. DON’T connect your phone to your car


2a – Did the US Military seize control of News Media, for the Presidential Debate?


2b – The Secret Plan for Elites to install a New President finally revealed. This Was Pre-planned


3a – Are you feeling sorry for the vaxxed ??

3b – Disgraceful jabbers – just doing their job

3c – Covid left its mark

4a – Trump – why we didn’t stop Israel

4b – President Harry Truman – 1945 to 1953

4c – A different story coming out of Islam

5a – Democrats – we have a problem

5b – The Corrupt Satanic Fascist Supreme Court rules against conspiracy theories…

6a – UN habitat plans from 1976

6b – Home school kids v public school kids

7 – Wiki Faked moon landing pics

8 – Labels tell lies

9a – Over 50 Nations ditching the US dollar


9b – A farmer and his wife report –

They own their property with no debt. They approached their bank to get a mortgage over the next door property they wanted to buy which was up for sale ending July 7th. The bank manager said – no need for you to get a mortgage, cos before July 7 you will have all the money you want – so, the banker must know the GCR is imminent ?

10a – The GCR

10b – Trump won Jan 6th – Sure hope this is true

11 – Full Debate: Biden and Trump


12 – None of this made sense

13 – Closure of the Cabal


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