2024/07/02nd  – Trump about the missing children 201

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We are all waiting the Military White Alliance Generals stop “playing” with the criminal cabal, and make the legal arrests.

1a – Trump about the missing children 2017

1b – Obama is terrified of this cover up leaking


2a – Presidential Debate – Donald Trump vs Joe Biden – Military in Control? Optics

On-screen results – Trump 94% to Biden 6%!! Are the Military in control of the media? More optics preparing the sleeping public for what’s to come?


2b – Speaker Johnson Discusses 25th Amendment, Urges Cabinet Members To: ‘Search Their Hearts’

2c – ‘Bad news for the free world’: Biden’s reaction to presidential immunity rulings lashed


2d – Guilty = Precedent Set = Trump Wins

Now that Trump has been found guilty the precedent has been set. It’s time to retroactively go after every single war criminal President and do so without remorse or regret.  1 July


3a – Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity – Col. MacGregor


3b – Tucker Carlson Responds to Julian Assange’s Release During Australia Speech – ‘Brilliant


4 – The RIGGING has started in UK

Government ‘urgently’ investigating general election postal ballot delays Thousands of voters in constituencies across the UK are understood to be  affected by delays in postal ballots arriving.



5a – Corruption in Ukraine? …… ooh no ?

5b – New Documentary to shatter jew supremacy + power


6a – The White Rabbit – fuming

6b – What really happened on Ch 7 jab victims report ?

7 – Exposing an age old scam in 52 secs

8a – ECB “Their” Digital Currency Will Be Ready In 2025

Only if you cling to your smartass devices and accept it


8b – RV News – To be, or not to be ?

9 – Med Beds – all levels explained

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