2024/07/03rd  – American Billionaires Are Selling Their Stock

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1a – American Billionaires Are Selling Their Stock

American Billionaires Are Selling Their Stocks preparing for the market crash. Americans are 54 trillion dollars in debt, if it crashes and goes digital, their debt is no more, and their assets are gone too !

SUPREME COURT DECISION ON FEDERAL RESERVE TODAY CORNER POST, INC. v. BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM “The case concerns the interchange fees associated with debit card transactions, which generate billions of dollars in revenue for issuing banks. The regulatory agency, the Board of the Federal Reserve System, promulgated a rule (“Regulation II”) to govern these fees. Regulation II caps the fees that banks can charge for each debit card transaction. Petitioners in the case include Corner Post, a convenience store, the North Dakota Retail Association (NDRA), and the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association (NDPMA), all of whom accept debit card payments and are thus affected by interchange fees.”  DECISION: “The Court has decided that the clock starts for limitations purposes whenever a new regulated entity is created. This means that, from this day forward, administrative agencies can be sued in perpetuity over every final decision they make.” > ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS LETS TAKE DOWN EMERALD CITY  WHO ELSE IS SICK OF RANDOM FEES BY BANKS & COMPANIES WHICH MAKE THEM RICH & MAKE US STRUGGLE TO GET BY. OVERDRAFT FEE’S, WITHDRAW FEE’S, ATM FEE’S, ON & ON & ON

1b – This map tracks the Biden-Trump vote count

for the 2024 presidential election based entirely on polls. Where polling is not yet available, the 2020 election margin, rounded to the nearest 1%, is used.

1c – Dems want Biden out by the weekend

Here is a small part – see it all if you want at the link below-


2a – Tucker Carlson TORCHES Joe Biden


2b – Jill Biden should be prosecuted for elder abuse.

2c – Hunter Biden sitting in on Joe Biden’s meetings

3a – Key Decisions of Supreme Court

In an era of bad news, the US Supreme Court has brought us some good.

3b – Maria Zeee: MSM Pre-programming for Containment Camps

Pray they will be used for the arrested criminals ??

Start 7 min in…..

channel 7 and people in Australia…. good

Also shows the camps and Palachook @ 20mins saying they were made for the unvaxxed… but I think they will be used for the arrested criminals ??

Everywhere every country,,, drills are being done.., even Greece

The camps are ready., 2 huge ones in W.A. and Brisbane + other cities too I am told

The next phase is coming…a scale like never b4…..they will speed it up.


3c – Julian Assange message

4a – The transgender goal is to eradicate humanity


4b – Mercury in the jabs for decades

5 – Q Plan Revealed by Steve Pieczenik – I trust Steve


6a – NSW egg farms – lockdowns again ?

6b – The Bird Flu hoax exposed

6c – Bird Flu Restrictions – severe warnings

7 – Getting ready for water melon season

8 – What is this – it is not a plane ?

Spotted this gem this morning in South Carolina, USA just a few minutes ago.  Don’t know what it is, but it was a gorgeous sight watching it fly across the sky. 

10a – Gesara/Nesara “It’s going to be biblical”

N.B. lots of chat about med beds – AI tech of course.


10b – Special call with Shelton Laverte 1/July/2024      

This seems like good information. It’s over an hour so, I’m breaking it up. This is Part one.

11 – Be brave and have no fear – BELIEVE THIS IF YOU WANT TOO

We now take down all level 2 and 3 minions criminals satanic Jews, all state prosecutors, judges, lawyers and all that were linked to injecting the Covid military grade Bio Weapon pathogens into your kids and yourself. This is your finishing line under your feet, right now right here and you’re all standing already now on our United States Republic Earth wide territory. All former governments and borders are Deleted, gone. 
It’s also the GAMEOVER of all traitors and criminals but we don’t stop here, we continue to cleanse and extinguish all and any non divine elements on our divine earth and beyond. 
We start #NEW not recycled. #BRANDNEW🎁
Here you have all important facts the TRUTH catalogued, you get much more Disclosure soon but this gives you a pretty good idea why, how and what had to be done this way. 
1. 10 Days Of Darkness
2. God Is In You
3. Time & Space Is A Lie
4. Democide
5. Science Lies & Anti-gravity
6. Vatican & Israel Worshipping Satan
7. God's Name Is Your Breath
8. May 1st 2024, Mayday
9. 10,000 subterranean bases destroyed
10. The Art Of War
11. E013818
12. Animals & The Love Frequency
13. Hebrew Is An Alien Scripture
14. Apply To Join Space Force
15. NAZI Timeline Ended
16. Freemasons Were Worshipping Satan
17. About Infiltrators Of The Truth Movement
18. JFK On Secret Societies
19. About Drink & Drugs
20. Med Beds & The QFS
21. Sun & Moon PSYOP
22. Have No Fear, Light & Love Reign
23. TR3Bs, ET's, Space Force & Photo Of JFK's Return
24. Pascal Najadi/JFK Is An Arcturian/'Prosecutor Of The Universe
25. Report Bad & sick People
26. Pilots & Flat Earth
27. Blue Gemini Project
28. Everything Is Military Scripted
29. Our Paradise Future
30. No Brutal Lockdown 
31. Doctors & Dentists
32. God Is In Our Chromosomes
33. Fear & God
34. NASA as Khazarian deceivers
35. Soft Knocks & Hard Knocks
36. Hospitals Cancelled / Med Beds Free
37. About CERN
38. Is Pascal/JFK A PSYOP?
39. JFK joined me, I'm also Commander Thor
40. Time & Money
41. Are you a PSYOP?
43. Satanic locations to be obliterated
44. Politicians are gone
45. Fear & impossible are gone
46. This was an attack against the divine human species
47. Hitler & The Jews
47. Any doctor that has injected the bioweapon is gone
48. We use their technology to hunt them
49. Diana is also one of my daughters
50. About ether
51. Central Casting docudrama declass
52. The other side are in torture mode
53. Complicit Doctors & nurses to be executed
We were sent to make things Happen, to rescue all Children of God, you fellow divine People, boys and girls. 
Diana and I always used our God given Powers for our mutual love ❤️ as a United States 🇺🇸 Military Counterintelligence Couple that is now surfacing finally as Husband and Spouse to perpetuate our Defence and Protection of God’s Children and all divine Beings. 
Get over it, it’s the God given Disclosure of our Truth. 
https://rumble.com/v551ctc-kahlooni-family-the-secretnow-disclosed-sincerely-pascal-and-diana-najadi-k.html ❤️
Sincerely,  Pascal & Diana Najadi Kennedy ‘Q’  Paris, 🇺🇸 United States Republic

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