2024/07/05th – ♪ Not much today ♪

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Not much reliable news around but we live in hope that QFS and Nesara/Gesara is truly imminentJUSTICE IS COMING

This is more huge news.  Trump will not be going to jail on July 11 as the NY conviction is about to be thrown out.   After watching how the Supreme Court has reversed, halted, and thrown out so many of the legal attempts by Democrats to stop Trump, Judge Merchan has gotten the message that he better make sure that he did nothing to compromise the case, nothing that was unconstitutional, nothing that violated the rights of the defendant.

1 – US Supreme Court has ruled that all the Govt agencies, Federal, State and Local and their made up rules are illegal and unconstitutional.

Because all Australian agencies with ABNs are registered in Washington, the same applies – ATO, rates, taxes, vehicle registrations, road tolls, insurance etc

Almost every item sent to me today is doom and gloom opinions from talking heads and fear mongering about what THEY are gonna do to us – IF WE COMPLY. Listen to this father whose son was vaxxed – We need more people doing likewise

2 – Father of vaxxed dying son calls a (p)harmacist

3 – Pictures tell 1000 words – (1)

4 – Climate change = BS and taxes

5 – Pictures tell 1000 words – (2)

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