2024/07/06th – Enjoy some history and talent

No mail today ? well….. … just a few

1a – You Won’t Believe What The SCOTUS Said

This is Justice Clarence Thomas. One of  9 Federal Supreme Court Justices. The Highest Court in USA. He’s a really good Justice, AG -Merrick Garland years earlier had Smith working in the Justice Dept. (DOJ) Garland chose Jack Smith to be a Special Prosecutor, to authorise the FBI raid on Mar-a-laga in the case against Trump. Jack Smith is a private citizen, AG -Garland had no  authority to appoint Smith as a private citizen. FBI turned the security camera off for nearly half hour. Trump lawyer was refused access to watch what occurred (Required by law).  ALSO that means  evidence  could have been added to what Trump had the right to take?. Plus FBI admit they have lost some evidence they took. It seems it’s not possible to have the case heard in Justice Thomas opinion.


1b – Trump’s 4th of July Advert ‘The Last Ride’


1c – Putin on Trump wanting to stop the war in Ukraine


1d – Trump Asked Point Blank If He Would ‘Deport Every Undocumented Immigrant In America’


2a – The original name of Washington DC

Rome, Maryland. Built on seven hills, with a creek running through the property called, the Tiber. The name of the owner of the land where the Capitol was built, was Francis Pope. His nick name was, Pope of Rome. – Q said it would be Biblical. #4418

2b – How very odd

Not one Protestant Pastor, Christian Pastor or Catholic Priest responded to Item 10 on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/2024-07-01st-did-scotus-take-all-govt-officials-out-of-power – Item 10b – The Sabbath is a no-brainer (see it all for links)

Yeshua rose on Sunday morning Mark 16.9 – Now when Jesus (real name Yeshua Hashiach) was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene…..  Nowhere in scripture are we commanded to celebrate the Resurrection on the first day of the week. We are commanded to keep the Sabbath holy. Exodus 20.8. Saturday is the 7th day despite the Vatican changing the calendar and the Protestants following obediently and mocking God by having Church working bees on Saturday the day we are told to do no work ?

2c – UK new Prime Minister –  Keir Starmer

I feel the Military are about to go full speed ahead and expose Paedo Starmer to who he truly is. Even the comatose won’t be able to hide their heads in the sand. We all know the WHO treaty failed a couple of months ago which was a huge win for us and our freedoms. Now that the Tories have been dismantled, the normies need to be taken to the precipice and Starmer is going to be the one to do it. He is one evil bastard and he needs to be in the spotlight for when it all collapses. Starmer isn’t going to be in for long.

3a – Tucker: this country belongs to you

3b – A notice to send to your Local Belligerent Council

Print, sign and send to Local Council CEO, Mayor and Councillors by name, otherwise you are agreeing to their ongoing illegal, unlawful extortion racket.


4 – Beware of this fake news article – Disney Buys the King James Bible with Google and Makes Changes

I won’t bother to put it up – No verification of any kind – Normally a work that old would be “in public domain”, but apparently this does not apply because it was published by the Crown in 1611. It is only a version, not necessarily the “Word of God The King James Version is copyright in the UK of the Crown with letters patent, and, since the Crown (as distinct from an individual monarch) cannot die, the copyright cannot expire. QED

5 – Wolverine update – June 6

6 – Top 5 Best Child Opera Singers (same song)


7 – A true patriot

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