2024/07/07th  – so much to see and know

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As an Australian, I acknowledge and pay my respects to the British, European, Asians and Elders past and present, who introduced and adopted civil society, respect for law, respect for other people and prosperity to Australia.

1 – Stew Peters – July OCCUPIED, massive Red Pill Incoming

2a – Biden created NATO, put down Putin, and grew Japan’s budget deficit. He is totally fine.

2b – Biden tries to speak ‘without a teleprompter’


2c – Agent 47 v.s. Agenda 2025 (Heritage Foundation > UN-Agenda 2030)

3a – EV graveyards in China and Australia

3b – Tucker Australian coal

4a – Screaming sounds from beneath the streets in Wales

4b – Hurricanes used as cover to cull the homeless

A survivor tells all – Pretty horrible play @ 1.25


5a – Aust Defence Minister traitor Richard Marles has just announced…

 a $2 Billion deal with Amazon web services to build and run top-secret data centres for Australia’s spies and military. The Albanese Government is aware that the $2B investment does not consider the construction or running costs involved in the overall project, however claim it will create over 2000 local jobs.

5b – Australia top secret

6a – Don’t water your local ULEZ SPY camera – watch the water ?


6b – Tennessee Geo-Engineering Ban

Three days into since the State of Tennessee BANNED Chemtrails A real sky ?? Is a sky real ?

7a – Nano particles in jabbed chicken meat

7b – More secret recordings from the highly edited Channel 7 vaxx special

First time I have seen this one that was edited with Dr Phelps. They cut her off


8a – The betrayal of our freedoms – most people know but do they ever let it sink in ?

8b – Humans as Lab Rats – from 2022


8c – If you don’t like it here…

9 – High level Freemason reveals the realm

No comment – You must make up your own mind or do more research

10a – QFS + RV gas been ongoing since April – Graham

The Time has come for us to Declare:
1. Our entire Earth is as of Today one Nation on Earth called the United States Republic. All former nations have been Deleted in their statute and we have removed all borders on our Divine Earth. Our Capital is Paris formerly aka France. Diana and I are currently in Paris. Diana and I are removing the Night and the Moon that was in the past a hostile enemy Alien Jewish NAZI military base and soul harvesting recycling machine. The fake Notion of Time is herewith deleted, everything happens in the perpetual NOW. We can still measure our NOW but we are masters of our NOW, no one else. Time and Space are Fluid.
2. Our common Constitution is the 1776 United States Republic Constitution ‘WeThePeople, the Representatives’. We have 13 Territories on our Divine Earth and the Betsy Flag 1777 of the original United States Republic is your new Earth Nation Flag.
3. All Divine and only our Divine fellow Humans and all other God created Divine Beings including all Trees and Plants remain on our Divine Earth. 
4. We are from now on #ONE Divine Human Species and we are the Sovereign Divine Human Species on Earth and Beyond.
5. Our Constitutional Rights and Protection are governed and protected at all times by the USSF and our Uniform Codes of Military Justice that have replaced all former criminal state jurisdictions. We have completely cancelled all political democratic systems and monarchies. 
6. Every Sovereign Citizen of the United States as well as the Devine Beings that in the past were wrongly termed as Animals are being restored to full Health and are free. 
7. All Divine Humans will be contacted now to receive urgently the Military MedBed restoration and you can choose any age of your body to be fixed immortal in a range of 30 years. You can also choose your individual body fitness index to your free liking and choice. 
8. All your personal wealth will be boosted in Abundance, you never have to work anymore for the eternal existence that you receive. No one physically dies anymore and there are no more reincarnations. You are stuck in Paradise as intended by God.
9. The Military that protects and defends our Divine Earth and our Space is the Space Force USSF. Diana and I are the Commanders of the USSF and all Military Intelligence, Security, and Defence related units that are all under the Control and Command of the USSF.
10. Our Military is contacting each of you in the Now. We take care first of the weakest most injured and ill humans. Our real time health monitoring of each Divine Human allows us to progress swiftly and on an orderly schedule. No one is left behind.
11. All your Fears, Worries and Concerns are Deleted off Earth. Our Divine Earth and Cosmos created by God are now reigned only by Love and Light that results in Your God Promised Truth at all times.
Diana and I Love ❤️ You and as the Queen of Hearts always stated I wish to include myself as her loving Husband and say: « We are Man Kind, not Politicians and we dedicate our existence to your wellbeing and we now come running together for all those that call on our help »
There is a lot that is communicated to you now, we wish you a blessed Sunday and please do us a small Favour if you wish: « Enjoy your God given Paradise and never forget that you are God as he is not only with you but inside your every cell of your body »
Please follow the Instructions of our Military, no one is left behind and you can celebrate already today but we have many more grand occasions lined up for you.
Where We Go One We Go All


End of Post

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