2024/07/09th  – How to sell your soul

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1a – How to sell your soul for $$ – 2 methods

1b – Is this a joke ?? is this why they are advertising for actors

2a – The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Yes it exists. …tv shows, music, books…….. see what you can find

Save this link https://old.bitchute.com/video/G5LsSeI0GojX/

2b – The Kalergi Plan: A Short History Lesson

2c – We are living in a Truman show Fox News


3a – Australians, this is where your money is going… 

The $cam of wind turbine$

3b – LGBTQ + leaders sign WEF treaty to accept Pedos


4a – Dr. Peter McCullough

The C*VID v*ccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer, and it may occur more rapidly because tumor defense systems are taken down. That’s what we call turbo cancer.” Maybe there is still hope for them?

4b – CIA director admits Chemtrails purpose

4c – Australia and chemtrails killing dogs….was on Ch 9 but they removed it…

That was part of the full video below from Max Igan – very good


5a – It is published that 5G towers….

put out 800 to 900 Microwatts per square meter, biological damage effects start at 3.4 – 6 microwatts per square meter average power density, go measure the output of the ones near your home. How long will it be before we see people who drive Electric Vehicles suffering serious adverse medical effects from the aforementioned and their contributing factor to road accidents? Will your wife’s fetus and children’s fertility suffer sitting above batteries and in EMF fields?

5b – Disable 5G where and when you can

Depopulation event appearing imminent

5c -AEMC extends smart meter rollout decision to consult further on consumer safeguards


6 – Ammo vending machines installed in Oklahoma grocery stores

7 – Demons like to harm children – highest blasphemy against God

8a – Is this a redemption centre in Thailand ? – apparently so

I am pleased to share this already viral video, it is the signature for the redemption centres,  where the gold standard is ready, therefore we too… We are ready to go. God bless you all Wolverine.

8b – Wolverine 9 July am

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