2024/07/08th  – How to be a total idiot

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Joe failed his very first test

1. NATO was formed in 1949 when you were 8 years old.

2. Because of Joe’s poor cognitive decisions every day, Americans want Joe to take a cognitive test.  Why is Joe not committing to do it? 

3.Joe and Donald shared a split screen for the debate and Donald was not making comments off mic while Joe was speaking.

4. If a cold hurt Joe’s performance, then why didn’t the WH announce that Joe had a cold before the debate and why didn’t that cold keep Joe from going to Waffle House that evening or making a speech the next day?

5.  Jet lag?  what jet lag?  Joe had been back in the USA for 12 days with a week of rest at Camp David before the debate.   

6. Joe, your continual lies did not hinder Trump.  Your attempts to intimidate Trump with comments about him being a convicted felon did not hinder Trump. And your lie about Trump calling soldiers suckers and liars did not hinder Trump.  Listen to Trump’s responses.  So why did you blame Trump for hindering you? 

1a – How to be a total idiot

Buy one of these to ensure everything you do and say while driving – the speed, where you go, who you call and everything thing else – and of course every time you even look at the thing, your facial recognitions is updated.

1b – Anyone in Melbourne see this ??

1c – Mass job cuts begin in the NSW public sector

Australia’s biggest employer and the country’s largest workplace, which has an enormous headcount of 450,000, is kicking off a series of mass job cuts that will impact thousands. Hundreds of government jobs in New South Wales are set to be slashed, in the first of several expected restructures of the state’s bloated public service. The NSW Government is Australia’s largest employer, with a headcount of 453,210 as of 2023. A tenth of people in NSW are employed in some capacity by the government.

1d – Food Without Farms: Coke, Nestlé, Pepsi Among processed Food Giants Running Global Food Policy


2a – 12 babies enrolled in the drug trial for RSV vaccine are dead

2b – The scientists of evil – the mongrels can’t stop interfering with God’s creation ?


3b – Klaus Schwab Steps Down At WEF, Allegations of Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

English language starts @ 2m 48s

4a – BULLSEYE! Russia wiped out NATO Military Train + two US Patriot Systems, + one Sweden Giraffe Radar


4b – Dems openly calling for using AI to make a Fake Biden Simulation. Shocking 7-7-2024

5a – SCOTUS Ends “Regulators-R-Us” Era – The Death of ‘Chevron Deference’


5b – Trump Lawyer EXPOSES Judges Juan Merchan & Arthur Engoron in NYC cases” most interesting – play @ 1.25


6a – Don’t bully this robot. It might remember and not forgive.

6b – A little experiment Coca-Cola, toothpaste + baking soda….

7a – Med Beds Approved? Supreme Court’s Chevron Decision

The US Supreme Court has quietly made a decision that could bring med beds to the forefront of medical innovation. Watch to understand the implications of this landmark ruling on the  healthcare industry.


7b – A message from VP JFK Jnr

 The Holographic Medical Beds that are now replacing hospitals worldwide will be available to the public for everyday use. Coupled with Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Towers, all available technology will be adapted to these standards. Using Advanced Intelligence the medical bed can heal cancers, tumors, fibromyalgia – vaccine damages can be reversed. “Aging” doesn’t exist – you won’t have joint pains. or need for the supplement industry – as the defecienes were created by THEM. Think Jurassic Park Lysine Contigency. Using tachyon and plasma energy – exactly like Star Trek The Next Generation, healing will be a quick process that everyone will have access to.

The medical bed has the ability to scan your body from head to toe and detect each issue. Using the tachyon and plasma energy instruments they’re able to restore the DNA fully. We will be able to restore fully, any missing limbs or organs – restore sight, restore brain health. Give our elderly and our Great American Veterans a rejuvenation to feel *20 years younger.” Where We Go One We Go All. My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……. – John F Kennedy Jr. 19th Vice President

8 – BRICS payment system is underway


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