2024/06/12th – Massive Cuts in Social Security For Retirees

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2a – Europe Votes Trump – by voting for the candidates Trump has endorsed.


By the way, the Alternate White House in ‘google land’ of California is up for SALE. But not the Alternate White House in Ft. McPherson… because that is where they are filming everything. A guy who used to run Ft. McPherson had a film report from the alleged White House… and every single picture show the outside matches the pictures by the Director of Ft. McPherson

2b – 36% Cuts in Social Security for Retirees hits US & Europe (and Australia ?)

and I know of 2 people in Australia where this has started already. In Australia (at least) and probably in all Christian Western Societies, all pensions and welfare recipients are paid from their CQV Trust, deception used to make you think it’s tax payers funding it. Look in files for 206 form. It’s used to convert a pensioner qualifying for age pension from dead to alive from age pension date. Can’t make this stuff up. Because you no longer are productive as a dead entity, they change your status to alive because you are now a delinquent on the trust funds. Learn, more at ↓

And now some Extracts from William Mount Mount: Thanks Rebecca Before Biden took office, there were 15 million people on social Security. When Biden took office, he threw off 2.5 million people…that was because they were getting pensions from another source. Biden raised the Retirement Age from 65 to 67. Biden increased the Social Security payments (for Medicare) from $176 per month to $210 per month. He has made it so that 20 percent of Americans will make it to age 67… it went from two thirds dying before retirement to four fifths dying. He has cut Social Security payments to Americans by 36 percent.

Both the Democrats and Republicans cut the budget for senior Americans from $180 billion per year… down to $120 billion per year.  With a $5 Trillion budget, so what is $120 billion? There is fraud in the Social Security system…with immigrants that claim their relatives and are paid with Social Security money for them… but they do not live in this country. All across Europe… and with Biden… laws are being passed to send the Ukraine immigrants back to Ukraine where they are going to the front line of the war. In New York the ‘Illegal immigrants” are getting $20,000 per month for their expenditures.

2c – Joe Biden got EVEN WORSE – this past week


3a – Brendon O’Çonnell – Time for the clean up


3b – Here we go again – millions of vaccines already made whether we need them or not

3c – Billions of Vaccinated Will Die – Those Responsible Must Pay


4a – Why do people accept things that are fake?

4b – Hey Roman Catholics – what did they want you to see ?

5 – Cancer and Tumours

6a – The unthinkable has arrived

6b – Brazil – The humanitarian projects can’t come soon enough for these people.

7a – Whistle-blowers Beware


7b – Message to Australia’s e-Karen – Nathan Livingstone

7c – Ministry of Truth the @eSafetyOffice goes a step too far


8a – The truth is out there – an old cartoon

8b – Australia’s old media companies are rapidly dying 


9a – Skype update – Med-Beds – not so fast

This is being uploaded to show the history of Skye Princess changing what she says during the ongoing med bed saga. Please do not believe this technology is coming and will save your life. OK @ 1.5 speed


9b – The truth about fluoride in our water


10a – Short messages from Wolverine 10am and 10.23am

From a member Ok everyone. Yes I didn’t believe Wolverine at first. So checked with my friend in Columbia. He is a government Security detail. He repeated what Wolverine says but he doesn’t know who Wolverine is. So it is 100% verified. We have started.

10b – Eric Trump said that all patriots are now eligible to cash out their Trump products

Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump went live on FOX yesterday to endorse the TRUMP GOLDEN STICKERS the last piece of the PUZZLE! Eric said that only through the Trump Golden Stickers everybody can cash out their Trump Investment Products or TRB Products at any Bank or Gold Shop! “My father is incredible guy and he will do anything for you and for this country” – Eric said

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11a – Dead inventors of Free Energy

11b – 4 mins of hints + some you might like to know   

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