2024/06/23rd – What’s in store for ‘24

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1a – Trump Announces Nationwide Replacement of Hospitals with Med Beds by the End of the Year!

Brace yourselves for the truth that has been hidden from us for far too long.  The technologies being introduced, such as Med Beds, aren’t just advancements;  they’re a reclamation of what has been systematically stolen from humanity.  Whether you place your faith in yourself, God, or the government, one thing is certain:  we need to be ready for Med Bed rejuvenation.



1b – Trusting in the Father in Heaven this will be

1c – The Entire Earth Will Be Re-Wired

Forwarded from American Patriot “What you are all about to go through is going to be very painful. You are about to learn that your entire lifetime and generations before you have been nothing but lies. It is going to take a good six months to get over this. Some may never.  The entire world will be re-wired.  Every system and technology that you now know will be obsolete.  A lot of money is coming back”. John F. Kennedy Jr. Sat. 22 June 2024

1d – How to Explain RV/GCR to Friends + Family.

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2a – Johnathan Turley dropped a bombshell


2b – Judge Merchan freaks out exposed see why


2c – Speaker Mike Johnson: Trump guilty verdict has ‘backfired spectacularly’ for the Democrats


3a – How Trump spoke about vaccines…

before he had an information war to win.

3b – Autism can be cured    


4a – Adults ‘back in charge’ of energy debate 


4b – So which bit was out of ‘context’ Albo?

Labor buying votes. Since forming government Albanese has employed 30,000 extra public servants, all on big dough and costing an extra 7 billion in wages. All taxpayer funded. You and I struggle while they laugh at us. And mock us.

5a – World’s fastest camera man reporter

5b – Onions, Traffic and Barbara

6 – Food contamination – know what you eat

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7a – Cables not satellites

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