2024/06/24th – There will always be a reason

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There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life OR you are the one who helps them change theirs

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1a – Acknowledgement of Country

As an Australian, I acknowledge and pay my respects to the British, European, Asian and Elders past and present, who introduced and adopted civil society, respect for law, respect for other people and prosperity to Australia.

1b – World War 3 – The Final Scare Event Necessary For Control

Russia and China are orchestrating a master plan to dominate the globe.  With over 1.3 million active troops and a shadow force that can conscript up to 20 million  soldiers instantly, Russia is a beast ready to be unleashed. China, with its 2 million active troops and a staggering 10 million conscripts at the ready, forms  the other half of this deadly duo. The recent full military pact between these two giants  solidifies their unholy alliance, aimed at obliterating the Western hegemony.

1c – The world’s most generous Govt

 Budapest – With the birth of a third child, parents will receive a one-off payment of 10 million forints (EUR 32,000) and can apply for a 10 million forint loan as part of new family policies unveiled by the government.  

The headline says it all – here is a small part of the very long post

The Orbán government gave a wonderful Christmas present to families who either already have three plus children or who are planing to have at least three children in the next ten years. A couple, as long as they are young enough, can apply for a very generous subsidy for a newly built house or apartment even if at the moment they have no children at all. But there is a caveat: they must be officially married. Those people who have been worrying about all those children born out of wedlock can rest assured. The government is defending the institution of marriage and the traditional family structure even if currently half of Hungarian children are being taken care of by a single parent, usually a mother.

2a – WA has the worst emergency Act in Australia

An awake WA resident wrote and asked about Their controls under the emergency health act,, that they can force you to have jabs, lockdowns, forced faxes, strip you naked,,, etc and this is their pathetic response .. Lollipop companies owned registered to Washington DC.

2b – Australian Government spraying citizens with poison in the name of fighting an Ant invasion – killing us slowly

2c – They’re still at it – That’s now why are preparing and army or robots and call draft. They will use our children against us.

2d – Hollywood Predictive Programming

3a – Feed them a narrative and they just spit it back out.

3b – Nuclear for Australia’s team of experts – explain the case for nuclear power.

3c – And the $624 billion cost doesn’t make

 any allowance for the risk of the lithium batteries catching fire and blowing up. And tragically, it appears that 20 workers have been burned alive in this recent lithium battery disaster. Considering no one died from the Fukushima nuclear incident, how can renewable zealots continue to claim renewables are “safer” given these ongoing battery fires ?

4a – IDAHO Water Shut down – 91 million chickens under threat

4b – Wake up to why the farmers are protesting

5a – Will you keep drinking Pepsi and Coke ?

5b – (repeat) What’s in your food ?

6 – 3D printers aren’t a new invention. Houses were already being printed in 1930s

7 – Tim Dwyer They are coming for you Australians – stop them with this


8a – Reporter asks Trump about Q + Anon

8b – Cheyenne Mountain, USSF. Trump, White Hats Military

9a – Japanese Yen – New Bank Notes on July 3rd – ¥1000, ¥5000, ¥10,000


9b – BRICS Advances De-Dollarization: Aims To Empower ‘Unheard Countries’

BRICS is sharpening the de-dollarization agenda by involving local leaders, municipality heads,  and unions of over 21 developing nations. The BRICS+ Forum has invited over 200 mayors from  21 countries to have a say in the process. The meeting is scheduled to be held from June 21, 2024, and countries that are unheard of on the global stage will also be a part of the forum. The alliance is giving developing countries a platform to express their views and come out from  the helm of the US dollar. The move will provide them with a glimmer of hope and strengthen their native economies by using local currencies. BRICS is slowly yet steadily advancing the  de-dollarization agenda across the globe to bring the US dollar down.


10a – Never believe the interlopers – Zhou Zheng – even the Chinese know the facts

10b – More on the 6 million Holohoax


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