2023/06/02nd  – So what’s next ?

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So what’s next – where to now? A brilliant Rhino Trap ? Latest news – Debt Ceiling Bill has been suspended or stalled – see 14


1 – Vaccine mandates are “no longer justified”

Brendan Murphy former Chief Medical Officer of Australia & the current Secretary of the Department of Health has tonight (at 10.30pmduring Senate Estimates in Parliament House, Canberra) finally admitted that vaccine mandates are “no longer justified”. As of 9am tomorrow (Friday) any CEO of any organisation that continues with vaccines mandates is exposing that organisation (and potentially themselves) to being sued, and not having any defence. That should be the final nail in the coffin of dark period of Australia’s history.

2 – American TV News uses footage from the US as “proof” of the drone strike damage in Moscow – so much fake news on all TV

3 – China has access to the entire Queensland electoral roll


4 – Chinese Covid Control – same for cold or flu     

5 – Nano technology into everything Injectable. 

I will not be going to any dentists, not even holistic, I don’t trust any of them – Debra


6 – Voice Money – lot$ and lot$ of it

7 – The “ERA Of The “open-global Internet” over ?


8 – The Tucker Carlson Hatchet Job – Brother Nathanael (Ex Joo)


9a – Biden does it best   

9b – 85,000 missing children

In the USA, 85,000 child migrants have disappeared without a trace in recent years. And that’s just the officially known number, the number of unreported cases could be much higher. It is not reported in the media.


9c – Allie Carter was human trafficked

Watch it for 2 min, short vid…   I remember the longer version


10 – More Gold Than You Can Imagine for QFS


11 – GTMO is getting Busy   start at 4 minssome waffling


12 – Floods Coming For OZ & NZ ?

Melbourne quake maybe not DUMBS. Rob D mentions within the first 10 mins the EMF blast coming out of Tassie directed towards Melbourne causing the mantle to ‘shake’. Food for thought…


13 – Nikola – free energy



14 – So what’s next – where to now? A brilliant Rhino Trap ? Latest news: the Debt Ceiling Bill has been suspended or stalled

Read this all carefully, I am sure something big is going on behind the scenes

What happens if the Senate does not approve the Debt Ceiling Bill ?

The storm of the century has arrived. Emergency broadcast system activation expected at any time We are still on DEFCON LEVEL TWO RED ALERT. The US Army is ordered to activate martial law. A Worldwide Call for Fasting and Prayer Pray for the restoration of Freedom to the People of the World. Activation of imminent emergency transmission system. Global currency revaluation:

Tier4b notification would come after the EBS, which was expected to start any day now. • Central bank closures: https://dinarchronicles.com/2023/05/29/30-billion-exits-us-banking-system-as-deposit-flight-grows/

• Central banks destroying themselves: https://dinarchronicles.com/2023/05/28/x22-report-central-banks-are-in-the-process-of-destroying-themselves/

• Updated: QFS + RTGS: List of banks that are connected to the QFS system or are connected – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

• Unemployment Domino Effect: https://dinarchronicles.com/2023/05/28/and-we-know-w-dr-kirk-elliot-unemployment-domino-effect-on-all-prepare-now/

• Fulford Preview 5/29: “Why does the US have to go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy?”

• Thursday June 16 is the back wall for GESARA to be announced and implemented, with the total collapse of the IRS and all tax organizations.

• Sunday June 18 is a back wall for the implementation of EBS Disclosure. • Access to Med Beds for the general public would arrive in June 2023

15 – Military Ceremony + Operation Blue Beam

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