2023/09/16th – Referendum chaos – Climate lockdown – Properties digitised

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1 – Referendum chaos – Climate lockdown Oct 10 or 11

Properties digitised – Sydney signs up for 15 min cities – Even if you don’t follow Derek Balogh, listen to at least 10 – 15 mins

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3 – Trump Georgia indictment update

4 – RV update Holly,15 Sep 2023

Banking Bombshell! The Real Reason Behind Those Wells Fargo Emails! Inside the Exclusive World of Redemption Centres. Powerful organizations and institutions are actively attempting to censor Gazetteller. We strongly encourage you to share this news with the world. Step into the hushed corridors of financial power, and let me shed light on the shadowy intricacies of banking exchanges, practices that are changing the way we understand our money and its worth. Hold on to your seats, because the rabbit hole goes deep.

Consider this: Have you, or anyone you know, purchased currency from any authorized dealer in the US? If so, then brace yourself. An email from powerhouses like Wells Fargo Bank or even Chase – both top tier 1 banks for Exchange + Redemption Centres – is on its way to your inbox. These digital missives don’t originate from the banks alone. No, the US Treasury, with its overarching influence, provides these email lists. The puzzle piece? No one can truly verify if they’re on this exclusive list. And thus, to ensure maximum reach, the Safelink website, the ultimate tool for exchange, will be spread like wildfire across major online platforms and chat forums. Subtle, isn’t it?

Delving deeper into the numbers, the vast chasm becomes evident. While estimates suggest there are 10 to 12 million individuals in the US holding foreign currency or securities, only a measly 3 to 4 million find their way to the Wells Fargo email list. The reason? Scores of people innocently bringing currencies home after vacations, dutiful military personnel from places like Iraq, charter flights operations, and many more reasons you wouldn’t suspect. Ah, but here’s where the plot thickens. Anyone longing for higher exchange rates via the Exchange or Redemption Centre will be granted a unique personalized 800 number (not to be confused with the pedestrian ‘1800‘ numbers). This number, mind you, is one-time-use only. Now, if anyone chooses to walk into a bank directly without this unique digital access, they’re effectively shooting themselves in the foot. The reason? Banks can only offer what’s known as the screen rate or the Forex rate, a measly sum compared to what one could obtain. Interestingly, for most, exchange rates in the US stand as fixed, unyielding monoliths – unless, of course, one possesses a particularly hefty amount. Bonds? Now, they’re a different ballgame. The rates of exchange, the interest, the fees after working with banks – it’s all up for negotiation, pulling the strings behind closed doors.

Your unique rendezvous at the Redemption or Exchange Centre, however, comes with strings attached. No second helpings allowed! If you think you can dance twice at the same ball, think again. Should anyone attempt a sly double-dip, the repercussions will be swift and severe. A second appointment? Reserved for a different basket of currencies scheduled half a year later. And the Redemption and Exchange Centres? Open for a brief window of 4 to 6 weeks. And while most would expect the end of this monetary ballet post the initial consultation, the climax is yet to come. Private Bank teams, with their vast networks, swoop in, ensuring anyone with redemptions over $1 million is shepherded into trust setups, private banks, and an exclusive world of perks not available to the average Joe.


What’s more? There exist Redemption Centres with the sole purpose of redeeming bonds, and Exchange Centres designed for currency-only aficionados. The safety at these centres? Top-notch. I have a hunch the military might be lurking in the shadows, ensuring iron-clad security. Now, those possessing titles, including Zim, be warned: The Redemption Centre beckons. And while exchanging currency might be a breeze, bonds – especially those like Zim – come with their own web of intricacies, potentially involving split payments over years. On a side note, here’s some insider knowledge: Agro Checks are the golden ticket, devoid of the strings attached to Zim and ripe for immediate benefits. To the currency-only crowd, a streamlined process at an Exchange Centres awaits, sans the hurdles of high-security measures.

To conclude, for those advocating the direct approach of heading straight to banks, a word of caution: You’re robbing people of potentially lucrative opportunities. Families, communities, and healing projects, especially with Zim’s income, must tread the path to the Redemption Centres. Peel back the layers, and the truth reveals itself. Step wisely, for in the world of banking, not everything is as it seems.

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