2023/08/16th – Putin Executes Defiant 5G Executives

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1 – I am only One – what can I do ?

PEOPLE POWER – a) Print this poster (preferably in colour) – b) print back to back to make 2 or 4 pieces and spread it everywhere – letterbox your street – under windscreen wipers in parking lots – in your local paper a big as you can afford – and your club newsletters.

This is improved image for double side printing – ignore last night image

2a – Putin Executes Defiant 5G Executives ♥ ♥

Putin Banned 5G in Russia, Destroyed All Towers weeks ago – – – waiting for the councillors who have put them all over our towns


2b – Military Tribunal Convicts Former IRS Commissioner

Charles Rettig of Treason, Defrauding the United States


2c – US_Military/Trump Warned of [DS] Attack

US_Mil/Trump Warned of [DS] Attack | Russian_Mil Biocontainment | Trump Indictments: WH Ops .. you can listen at OK at 1.25 speed


3a – Arrogance has characterised the ‘entire approach’ of Albanese and govt to the Voice


3b – We have to be suspicious now’:

John Anderson warns against ‘separatist movement’ with Voice

4a – Matt Kim nails the Georgia Fulton County Trump Indictment.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, , Donald J. Trump  wrote:

Even with this very dark cloud hanging over our nation, it’s those freedom-loving patriots like YOU who are my source of courage, hope, and my UNBREAKABLE resolve to SAVE AMERICA. Whenever I’m asked, “Sir, why keep fighting? Why not just walk away and never have to think about these witch hunts ever again?” My answer is simple…Even after FOUR unlawful INDICTMENTS against me as an innocent man, even with Crooked Joe and his accomplices trying to JAIL me for hundreds of years, I will remain right where I belong: between YOU and the entrenched Deep State that hates our country. Because walking away would mean condemning America to a lifetime of Third World Marxist tyranny. 

4b – US Space Force is Based in Maui – Links below


5 – Hawaii Gov. Josh Green – I am already thinking for the State to Acquire the Land

In Hawaii the Attacks eliminated native Hawaiians who were resisting selling their valuable land and cleared the way for World Economic Forum Smart City Governance in Lahaina.

All Events seemed destined to be blamed on Climate Change, while leading up to the Cabal’s Project Blue Beam in their Anti Population Agenda.

6 – Nesara Aug 23 

7 – Prophetic Signs on God’s Hebrew Calendar

In 2023, Passover runs from the evening of April 5, 2023, to the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2023. (In 2024, Passover will run from April 22 to April 30, if you’re looking to plan ahead.)

Ask YOUR pastor to explain this !! – it’s his duty

Do you understand…. that all 501c3 nonprofit corporate churches… and their ‘pulpit people’… are under the proverbial thumb of our ‘already dictators’… and that they need to be defunded?  Yes, they will lie to you to keep their ‘offering plate’ going.

Do you understand ….that if you do not stand up to a bully, he will rule ?


8 – Jewish Family stages anti-semitic hate crime


9 – 44 Government Documents Admit the Earth Is Flat and Dome Is 73 Miles High – CIA – NASA – Air Force – US Army – US Navy..


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