2023/08/28th – Tired of hearing – “it’s a movie” ?

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It seems the C17 Military plane flying low thru Brisbane was pilot practice for the RiverFire event – a bread and circuses show 1+2 Sept. estimated cost – $10 million +

1a – A prediction for the next Disease X plandemic   

1b – Well Golly Gee a New variant EG5 – 5Gee

1c – Ivermectin. FDA admits – no right to block Ivermectin.


1d – JAG Sentences 10 jabber doctors to hang

One hopes this is true ??


2a – Ukraine a CEMETARY, no one left to fight.


2b- Why Are There So Many Fires? .

These fires may just be the smoke signals of a bigger problem lurking beneath the flames. The whole world seems like it’s on fire. Fires are ravaging Maui, Canada, Greece, France—you name it. But when you dig deeper, something’s off. Government mismanagement, questionable land acquisitions, and even newly minted laws raise eyebrows. Are we witnessing a bad wave of natural, runaway wildfires, or is there something else going on?


3a – Tired of hearing “it’s a movie” ? listen

To learn why hasn’t Trump used his Commander in Chief Powers yet

A comm., is abbreviation for a subtle communication – can include face-to-face discussion, emails, facial expressions, videos, and presentations

3b – Special Military Operation – deNAZIficationMilitaryQperationZ

3c – The Great Military Game: Deciphering Trump’s Art of Warfare,

Military Game Theory, Q operation, Global Corruption, Great Awakening, U.S. Military Intelligence, Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Rule of Law


3d – Gold Bricks – BRICS Gold


4 – Don’t Fear the Coming Lockdowns… the Cabal is Already Dead


5a – Police warnings as ACT set to decriminalise almost all drugs

How decriminalisation will work in the ACT

Be aware three questions of the ultra-left ACT government will be reviewed by the Senate who will meet on Monday, 4 September 2023 to address ACT government over-reach

1.  The sudden cancellation of the Calvary hospital lease with only 2 month’s notice, with 67 years to run – and no doubt surgery appointments out to a year – the senate can choose to say “you have the legal right, but the notice is  “too little notice” or the Senate can say “ give 3 years notice ” or ‘no’ .   In this decision you are denying ACT residents 2/3 of hospital needs of the ACT, and it will be 6 years after the Calvary is bulldozed and the new hospital built.  In that 6 years ACT residents and THE EMBASSIES will need to book somewhere else. And also, in cancelling the lease, you also cancel  a nursing home and the family of those people will need to shift as the same lease covers their facility as well. Imagine the were your relative “sorry mum you have to move”.

Territory’s come under federal Parliament and where overreach has occurred, the Federal Parliament can over-ride those decisions. The legal position re the lease, is the ACT government can cancel the lease. In law they are able to do this. The are not breaking the law: but: Morally and setting a massive negative image to the Embassies and the countries they serve is at “ball tampering” embarrassment level.

As well

  • ACT Government’s legislation to legalise illicit drugs
  • its plan to allow Voluntary Assisted Dying for teenagers who display ‘decision-making capacity’

Wow – If you know a senator this is appalling in my opinion: Please contact them

Decriminalisation involves the removal of a criminal penalty for using or possessing small amounts of drugs. There are two types of decriminalisation: 

1. In law (de jure): where possession and personal use aren’t a criminal offence. Instead of being charged, someone with a small amount of drugs may receive a fine, or referral to a health/treatment service – depending on the decriminalisation model used. This is the type of decriminalisation the ACT is introducing from October 2023.

2. In practice (de facto): where personal use and possession is still a criminal offence, but police and courts can use their discretion when enforcing the law. 


5b – Albo submits a Bill – $500,000 fine for posting online “misinformation”


5c – Someone’s Facebook post about the Voice

What if a waiter at a Chinese restaurant explained the menu to Linda Burney (Indigenous Australians Minister) in the manner she responds to questions about the voice model?

Waiter: Good evening and welcome. I’ll be taking your order.

Burney: Thank you. Could I please have the prawn dumplings to begin with, followed by the Mongolian lamb and…

Waiter: Sorry to interrupt, but we have revised our ordering process. This is our new menu. (Hands leather-bound folder to Burney)

Burney: (Opens folder, revealing only a single page) There must be a mistake. Where are the dishes?

Waiter: Look under the heading.

Burney: The heading says ‘food’. There’s nothing listed underneath.

Waiter: It’s what we call a principle-based menu. I’ll put you down for food for one, shall I?

Burney: I’m sorry, but is this a joke?

Waiter: I can assure you this new menu will be to your liking. The food will be delicious. It will nourish. It will enrich. It will bring diners together.

Burney: Look, this doesn’t have to be a complex question. What dishes are you offering?

Waiter: You don’t like the new menu?

Burney: How can I like it when I know nothing about it?

Waiter: Of course you will like it. The food is delicious. It nourishes. It enriches. It will bring diners together.

Burney: So you keep saying. But how do I know what I’d be getting?

Waiter: There is a wealth of information available on Chinese cuisine, which you can read for yourself. I suggest you start with ‘Classic Chinese Dishes’ by T. Calma & M. Langton.

Burney: This restaurant endorses that book?

Waiter: No.

Burney: But nonetheless this restaurant serves the dishes contained in that book?

Waiter: I didn’t say that.

Burney: Then what is the point of reading it?

Waiter: It will help you understand that the food we serve is delicious. It will nourish. It will enrich. It will bring –

Burney: Will you stop saying that! If you can’t answer simple questions, then forget it. You’re not getting my business.

Waiter: I urge you not to be divisive. After all, the Asian owners of this restaurant have generously extended their hand and asked you to walk with them on this journey. You don’t want to be associated with the xenophobes, do you?

Burney: That’s preposterous! And by the way, you don’t even list prices on the menu. What’s this going to cost me?

Waiter: It’s not our policy to reveal our prices upfront. But don’t worry, you’ll find out — eventually! I vote NO to the VOICE as it’s divisive.

6a – The Voice fits in very well to WEF plans

6b – Attention Voice promoters who want compensation

There would be no ab-originals alive today without the actions of Australian soldiers who repelled the Jap wannabe invaders.

In 1942 Australia had a population of only 7 Million. The Japanese army slaughtered locals in Nanking 18 million civilians slaughtered as rifle fodder What happened to all people including indigenous, when Japan swept through SE Asia and down though Indonesia. Any colonists fled. The Japs took 18 nurses into the sea and mowed them down. And had the Japanese not been stopped in Milne Bay and Kokoda They would have come into Darwin and York Peninsula and the Kimberly Wiping out ALL Australians – as well as the Torres Straights island indigenous peoples, then around Darwin the Yolnu the ones that want compensation for Wrongs)

7 – Biden’s Impeachment Looms

as Congress Unleashes a Storm of Revelations.

Posted by Wolverine  Forwarded from Benjamin Fulford.

The clock is ticking, and the removal of Joe Biden from power has begun! Congress is gearing up to announce the dates for his impeachment, marking a pivotal moment in American history. But that’s not all – House Speaker McCarthy drops a bombshell, hinting at the potential impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland for mishandling the Hunter Biden investigation.

These strategic moves are poised to shake the very foundations of the mainstream media. Finally, the impeachment hearings will force their reluctant hand, compelling them to report on the crimes and misdemeanors linked to Biden’s impeachment. Prepare for a seismic awakening as millions of Democratic voters are red-pilled, confronted with the shocking revelations surrounding their beloved president and the notorious Hunter Biden laptop.

CNN, a prominent player in this unfolding drama, will lead the charge in broadcasting the impeachment proceedings. Could this be a sign of their gradual transformation, as they slowly flip their narrative and challenge the established order? And behind the scenes, whispers echo of a monumental interview where Trump returns to CNN, leaving the MSM, CIA, and FBI in a frenzy. CNN holds the key to unveiling information that has long been suppressed.

But let’s dig deeper. Who wields the unseen hand, manipulating the very fabric of reality? Who has captured the attention of Twitter, orchestrated changes within CNN, and exposed classified military operations in Ukraine? This enigmatic force fights against the looming threat of a fake alien invasion, safeguarding the interests of Trump and RFK Jr., and shedding light on the dark underbelly of child trafficking and human exploitation. They are the architects of the Great Awakening, leading humanity towards truth and liberation.

And now, in an unprecedented turn of events, Congress uncovers a treacherous web of deceit surrounding the fake alien invasion. Classified military operations, hidden deep within the underground machinations of the deep state, are exposed. These operations harbor ground breaking technologies that could revolutionize the world, liberating us from the shackles of oil and gas dependency. Prepare for a seismic shift as the grip of the elite cabal, who profit from these finite resources, is shattered.

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the next chapter in the fight against human trafficking, as Congress prepares to launch an all-out assault on this heinous industry. Epstein, JP Morgan, the Clintons, and Biden are just a few names that will be dragged into the spotlight. The dark secrets of Pizzagate, once concealed by the CIA’s mockingbird operations, will resurface. The time for truth and justice is at hand, exposing the sinister forces that have preyed upon our society for far too long.

Stay tuned, for timing is everything. The stage is set for a dramatic unraveling, where the powers that be will be held accountable. The truth will prevail, and a new dawn is on the horizon.

8 – Petrified Trees debunk evolution – Kent Hovind


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