2023/11/26th – Christmas Will Come Early

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1a – Australian military is ever ready

1b – ”Christmas Will Come Early”  White Hats’ Chilling Announcement: The Secret Construction on Guam’s Navy Base and Global Martial Law

In an astonishing turn of events, the world is bracing itself for a seismic shift as “The White Hats” on the Navy base in Guam have just completed the construction of a facility boasting 200 cells. These cells are intended for a shocking purpose – to detain journalists who have been accused of causing harm to humanity. But that’s not all; Guantanamo Bay and several other military bases are reportedly following suit, preparing cells for the same ominous purpose. Brace yourselves, as it appears that Christmas may come early this year, with major arrests expected across the globe in the coming weeks. The world has never seen anything quite like this.

Breaking News: The White Hats’ Chilling Announcement: ”Christmas will come early” – The Secret Construction on Guam’s Navy Base and Global Martial Law (video) – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

1c – New York forced Quarantine Camps

That is pure evil – but who will really go in – the sick or the Cabal ?

2a – They “skipped” The Animal Testing, because the vaccine was killing the animals

2b – Look what vitamin K is – In vaccines to babies

I thought they were injecting something not good, but I also thought they drew blood to collect the baby’s DNA ? AND poison in Cereal too

2c – Liberal drug company caught – illegal tests on children


3a – French Farmers using real BS against Govt BS

3b – Nature reacts to solar panels   

4a – Beware of those say they are Jews, and are not – Rev 3.9

4b – Child trafficking

4c – What do you expect me to do ? – 10 yr old Palestinian girl  

5 – Catholic Pope hosts transgender dinner

6 – The Philippines government committee has voted to launch an investigation

7a – When Fake News & Democrats Lie About President Trump

THEY love Trump watch this…

7b – The Q site – it works only for a short time when they want to make an announcement https://qofficial.net/en-us

8a – Switzerland exposed in 60 seconds

8b – Is Canberra the rape capital of Australia?


Schindlers list of freemasonry Australians 🙉⚠️🐣🥷👇 Leonard
I knew it would disappear so I copied the list of Australians. There are a few surprises there for me. Here it is:Australia
Victoria Police Sargent C. Weir
NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Tony Cooke
Epidemiologist, Tony Blakely
Channel 7 Australia – Sunrise Program Co-Host – David Koch
Jane Goldsmith NBN News
Paul Lobb NBN news
Kon Vatskalis Lord Mayor of Darwin, NT Australia
Lydell Huntly, Centre Manager, Australia
Jackie Lambie, Senator for Tasmania, Australia
Senator for Wallsend, NSW, Sonia Hornery of Australia
Kerry Chant, Health and Population Minister, NSW Health
Kylie Minogue, singer and entertainer
Malcolm Turnbull former Prime Minister of Australia
Hugh Jackman, actor Australian
Nicole Kidman, actor Australian
NSW Parliament, every Minister
QLD Parliament, every Minister
Queensland Health, Metro South Health, every Nurse Unit Manager
Sharon Cadwallader / Mayor Ballina Shire Council 2022 – / Ballina NSW
Ben O’Shea, PerthNow Journalist, Australia
Katie Woolf Mix 104.9 host Darwin Northern Territory Australia
Reece Whitby, Environment Minister, Western Australia, Australia
Dr Neil Fong Executive Director Bethesda healthcare Claremont W
Tri Suseno Deputy Chairman and Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Colin Barnett Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Alex Hawke, Immigration Minister, Australia
Professor Jill Downie Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Grant Robinson Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Kylie Brooks Exec. Mgr. People & Culture Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Libby Oakes Exec. Mgr. Quality, Risk and Infection Conrtol Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Australia
Paul Murray, reporter, SkyNews Australia
Deborah Bell Director of Nursing Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Dominic Burke Chairman Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Duncan Maskell: Vice-Chancellor/ Melbourne University/ Australia
Josh Wilson Federal Member for Fremantle Western Australia
Melody Miles Mgr. Work Health & Safety Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Helen Round Mrg. Pre-Operative Services Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia
Liam O’Brien / Australian Council of Trade Unions Acting Secretary
Professor Kerryn Phelps
Gladys Berejiklian Former Premier of New South Wales Australia
Carol Brown Tasmanian Labor Senator Australia
Dr. Chris Perry, Queensland president of the Australian Medical Association
Mark Tozer / Owner Alstonville Barber Shop / Alstonville NSW Australia
James Lloyd AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.
Sally Anne Jones AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.
Annie Butler AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.
Lorri Anne Sharp AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.
Bernie Hogan Queensland Hotels Assoc.
Blooms the Chemist, Warilla NSW Australia
Michael Crandon State Member Liberal Qld
Joanne Edwards, Deputy Controller S.H.E.O.C. NSW
Boat Harbour Medical Gerringong NSW Australia
Head of WA Education Department, Lisa Rodgers, Australia
Jessica Marciante State Health Emergency Operations Centre Vaccinations NSW Australia
Joanne Edwards Deputy Controller State Health Emergency Operations Centre NSW
Matty Walker Warilla NSW Australia
Shellharbour Medical Centre College Ave Shellharbour Australia
Katarina Carroll Police Commissioner Qld
Lisa Fitzpatrick State Secretary
Don Farrell SA Labor Senator Australia
Kristy McBain, ALP MP Eden-Monaro NSW Australia
Deborah O’Neill NSW Labor Senator Australia
John Barillaro, Nationals MP Monaro, deputy NSW Premier, Australia
Tony Sheldon NSW Labor Senator Australia
Andrew Bragg NSW Liberal Senator Australia
Samuel Bush-Blanasi, Chairman Northern Land Council, Northern Territory Australia
Joe Martin-Jard, CEO Northern Land Council, Northern Territory Australia
Samantha Dick, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia
Myles Houlbrook – Walk, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia
Jane Bardon, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia


9 – How to conquer heart disease and much else  


10 – Update from Sea Shells – very good info

11 – 16 year old plays Paganini in a Guitar Classroom

Note the looks from the other students  

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